Privacy Policy

Usually information which is collected gets submitted in the SWIFT RICH TECH website. A user can register for receiving materials or make requests on certain pages. The kinds of personal information gathered are name, any communications, phone numbers, email address, address along with SWIFT RICH TECH.

Role of information collected from visitors

Usually in most of the websites, log files are being stored within the Internet server. It saves certain details like, visiting time, referring page, browser type and IP addresses of the visitors. Some trustworthy websites do not share personal details with the third parties or store credit card details. However, they use cookies for remembering preferences of visitors while interacting with different websites. During registration, username and email id of the visitors gets automatically stored. Information gathered is used for marketing purposes. This ensures for being in contact with the latest services and products launched in the market.

Accessing or correcting information

Verification of information is done along with the organization or the person concerned. Personally identifiable information is safeguarded with the verification process. A person can further correct the actual mistakes of the information by just sending a request to the website alliance. A person can secure privacy as well as security by taking reasonable steps for verifying identity before making corrections and granting access. A person can access as well as upgrade personal information provided by the alliances. This is obtained in to the registries regarding a user’s domain name license at a certain period of time. Certain visitors believe that the website is holding inaccurate information regarding them, can be corrected by contacting the alliances. Moreover, if one desires to update or change information given, then it can be done so by taking few reasonable steps.

What are cookies?

Small digital signature files which are present in a web browser are called cookies. It permits one’s preferences to get recorded while visiting a website. These files can be even used for tracking the paths of return visits in to a website. Cookies are mostly used by the third party advertising companies for tracking down purposes. It is mainly a string of information which is stored by a website on the user’s computer. Different websites use cookies for identifying and tracking the visitors. Some visitors do not like the cookies to remain within their computers. So before using a website, they set the browsers to block cookies. This tends for a disadvantage for the trustworthy websites to operate without cookies. These small web messages tells the correct timing when an account was been set up. Certain other functions of cookies are as follows:

• Analyzing site traffic
• Measuring promotional effectiveness
• Provision of some characteristics which are available via usage of cookies
• Informs the alliances the procedure finding a website
• Permits the registered users for identifying their own database
• Enable for connecting a user to significant services and products on a website

When the cookies point out a registered user, it permits the users for automatically linking them to their personalized accounts. This enhances for easy access of any services or products being available. Without the provision of username and password, cookies cannot access anything from the web pages. One thing should be kept in mind, i.e., by disabling cookies in a browser may not make one aware of the available services. Additionally, the website servers register the kind of browser used by a user along with IP address while accessing. This is performed by the cookies.


Advertisements usually appear on any kind of website being delivered to the users. This is mostly done by the advertising partners, setting up cookies. These cookies permit the advertisement server for identifying the user’s computer and send online ads. The ads are sent for compiling information regarding the user or other people using the computer. The information permits the advertisement networks for delivering targeted ads. This further enhances great attention and interest for the users.