Could Digital Catalog Software Help You with Better Book Listing

Book Catalog Software

With internet eating up more of our time space, it is often said that we are left with almost no time to read books. However, the reality not is that much bleak. Many bookworms have now adapted themselves to reading ebooks as that gives them convenience to avoid visiting a library. However, some still love frequenting library and reading printed books.

For a brick and mortar library, it is of paramount importance to maintain their treasure troves in the best professional way possible.  A categorical and comprehensive listing is the key to user satisfaction. We have seen printed catalog and are well aware of it disadvantages. A system should be in place to identify those disadvantages and produce a smarter option for the readers and card-owners. Book catalog software will help the librarian with a more presentable and professional listing that is digitally generated. Book catalog software scores a high point in this regard.

A digital catalog system will make information easily accessible to the readers. It will also ensure enhanced convenience for the users to search for the books of their choice.

Alphabetical Arrangement

It is an age-old practice for cataloguing books. It is done manually. The manual listing takes hours and even a few days – depending on stock of the library – to prepare a complete list of books in alphabetical order starting from the first letter. The author’s name is put against every book and the users need to go through the catalog to learn what the library has in stock. If you are looking for a particular book, it will take you hours to be sure if the book is in stock or not. In other words, there are a number of disadvantages of using printed or manually developed catalog.

Digital Catalog

It is, without any doubt, a far better solution for professional presentation of your stock. This catalog is easily generated by product catalog software. With codes embedded into the program, software helps you create a catalog that is easily accessible to the book readers and other library visitors. A digital catalog is friendlier with users. It makes a listing based on different ‘search’ criteria including the title of the book, the writer’s name etc. A digitally generated catalog allows you to easily add to or delete from the listing as well as edit the list.

Another advantage of using such catalog is it can be easily shared online and even printed out if you want to use it for personal reference. Digitally organized catalogs also help the librarians have a backup inventory listing if they ever need to find out a missing book or file an insurance claim.

The old-age method of catalog making is still in use by many libraries. However, some most well-known libraries have changed their system to a digital one. It not only makes searching convenient for the users but the librarians also get peace of mind that they can easily make changes on their own. With e-catalog software, it is fairly easy to design a catalog tailored to one’s specific needs. It takes less time and effort to create a unique, eye-catchy and functional catalog to take ease and convenience of use to another level.

When it comes to customized and excellent catalog making, digital catalog is yet to have a competitor. You can use it even without being a techie though an expert’s involvement will make things more unique and fascinating. He knows it better how to lend a professional punch to the design. Due to flexibility and ease of use, you can do modification without expert’s intervention.

Parting Words

Whether you have a small or large bookstore, it makes sense to switch to digital options. If you have low budget, use free catalog making software. Such software is not expensive and plenty of them are easily available. A good part of using software is it will serve your purpose for a long time. Whenever you require changes or want to create a new look from the scratch, software will be a handy tool to meet your needs. A simple tool to create a catalog!

Feel the readers’ pulse and make decision accordingly. I bet they will give vote in favor of e-catalog.

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